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STEP 1: Create your page

Explain what you're doing, and set a fundraising goal

STEP 2: Plan & share

Plan your fundraiser and raise awreness by sharing your page

STEP 3: have fun

Share your progress, thank your donors & watch the donations roll in!

Your fundraising saves lives!

Support from our amazing community is incredibly important to us. The funds you raise go towards our huge operational costs and help ensure we can continue undertaking hundreds of life-saving missions in your community each year.

Our Fundraising Team is here to help you with your fundraising, every step of the way, so please get in touch and let us know what you’re planning to do! We are so grateful for your support.

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Ideas for Fundraisers

Bake Sale or Sausage Sizzle

There's no tastier way to fundraise than baking and selling cakes or savoury treats

Get active

Commit to walking, swimming, running or cycling for a certain distance or length of time

Garage Sale

Selling second hand goods like art, toys or books is an easy way to get donations

Guess the Numbers

Fill a jar or box with a number of objects & charge for each guess!

Run a quiz night or games night

Set up a quiz night or games night with prizes for the winners

Run a Raffle

These are great ways to get people to donate more whilst also getting something too

Check out our full fundraising guide below for more tips on how to promote & plan your event!

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