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Through your support, we can continue to perform hundreds of life-saving rescue missions each year, saving lives in your community. Your crew undertake missions across the Bay of Plenty regions, operating on a 24/7, 365-day basis.

We can only continue to save lives with the support of incredible fundraisers like you!

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Ideas for Fundraisers

Bake Sale or Sausage Sizzle

There's no tastier way to fundraise than baking and selling cakes or savoury treats

Set up a costume day

Pay towards a costume day or set a theme - Green & Red for your rescue helicopter!

Hold a School Disco

Set up a school disco, with a surcharge for tickets & prizes for best dance moves!

Run a raffle

Host an after-school movie event, with tasty treats!

Run a Competition

Organise a sports competition, talent show or tournament

Hold a Car Wash

A car wash is a great way to fundraise and a great way to stay cool in the summer!

Check out our full fundraising guide below for more tips on how to promote & plan your event!

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