Christmas Appeal

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Dad is still with us this Christmas - we are so grateful for your support

- Charlotte

Memorable Moments This Christmas

After one of the busiest years on record, your rescue helicopter crew know the challenging summer season is just around the corner. And we can't do it without you.

We need your help to cover the cost of missions this summer, so your crew can be there for your community, at a moment’s notice - helping make memories this Christmas.

A Memorable Mission

Paul needed our help after an accident at work nearly changed the course of his life forever. What Paul didn’t know at the time was how critical the availability and skill of his rescue helicopter crew was that day. 

Life could’ve been very different for Paul's family this Christmas if he hadn’t had the crucial life-saving flight by the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter.

Ready at a Moment's Notice

With many people out enjoying the holidays, accidents and medical emergencies will happen. Your crew never know when they’ll be tasked to their next mission, and they must be ready to go at a moment’s notice. With every take-off, a life is at risk.

When your rescue helicopter is tasked to a mission, it’s because it’s the fastest, the best and often the only option for that patient


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$65 can help stock your rescue helicopter with life-saving medication for patients
$115 can provide your crew with the equipment they need to save lives
$145 can help fund fuel to power the next life-saving mission

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