Matarangi Hash House Harriers - Red Dress Run

By Ruth Fisken

I'm fundraising for the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter

What we will be doing: Matarangi Hash House Harriers invite everyone to be part of the Red Dress Run to raise as much money as possible for the WWRH. It will be held in Matarangi on November 25th 2023. More details will follow

Matarangi Hash House Harriers want to do this because: Living on the Coromandel Peninsula the Rescue Helicopter has been a major factor in saving many lives.  We need this service. 

About this service: The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter is a fully-fledged air emergency medical service that services the whole of the Waikato region, including the Coromandel and the King Country. It brings life-saving equipment and rescue personnel directly to patients, 24/7, 365 days a year, and is staffed by an amazing & experienced crew of Critical Care Flight Paramedics (CCFP), Crewmen and Pilots. Donations from fundraising go towards the operational costs, which helps ensure the rescue helicopter can continue to carry out life-saving missions, whenever and wherever needed.

My Updates

Hash House Harriers & The Red Dress Run

Saturday 16th Sep


The House House Harriers started with English soldiers stationed in Malaysia in the 1930’s during war time. The idea was thought up by a small group of these men over dinner in their Hash House deciding amongst themselves they needed a bit of exercise after the weekend.. Hence the name Hash House Harriers. It traditionally happens on a Monday – after a weekend – to blow away any hangovers and to remind us we are not as old as we feel. It is also known (light heartedly) as a Drinking Club with a running problem. One person – the Hare – will set a trail and the rest of the pack (the hounds or harriers & harrierettes) will then follow this trail to the end where there will be beers & shenanigans while getting their breath back after the run.

The Hash House Harriers are now a global phenomenon.


So what is the Red Dress Run & how did it start?


The Red Dress Run is a charity event that is organized by the Hash House Harriers to raise funds for a designated charity. Participants are encouraged to dress up in red dresses (or other attire) as they ‘run’ through the streets. But how did it start you may ask???????

Well read on….


A young lady – Donna Rhinehart- who just happened to be travelling in a red dress & heels arrived at a California Hash House Harrier run in 1987. Her reason for the trip was to meet up with an old friend from high school. The friend introduced her to a running club that proudly called themselves the Hash House Harriers. As the group got ready for their run they told Donna that because of her gender & attire that she could ‘just wait in the truck’. Wrong thing to say!!!! Rather than being left out Donna decided a bit of discomfort was not going to get in the way of proving she was tougher than she looked.

She ran into history in that red dress and heels. The next year this Hash House Harrier club decided to honor Donna’s actions and held the very first RED DRESS RUN.

Today women & men alike sprint through the streets in scarlet frocks of all sorts remembering that very first hash run she ran. It was Donna (according to lore) who requested the annual run be a fundraiser. So, from its humble beginnings The Red Dress Run has spread worldwide and is a lively charity event sponsored by the Hash House Harriers.


We all know the cliché - Someone walks by in a red dress and people notice.

What if lots of ‘someone’s’ walk by in a red dress?

And what if ½ of them are men?

Everyone would notice!!!!!!!


November 25th 2023 Matarangi Hash House Harriers will be having their very first

Red Dress Run event.

We will be raising funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Will you be part of it????????

Watch this space for more details


Contact:- Ruth Fisken – 0211480064 or Trish Comer – 02041714916 for more info.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Maureen Moss


Carolyn Bertling


Michelle Coulton

Thanks for organising for such a great cause :)


Bruce & Julie


Barbara Croawell

All the best Ruth and everyone involved. Hope it all goes well x



Thanks for the tremendous effort to support such a worthy cause from which we all might benefit in the future.


Chris Fox

Have a great day.Looking forward to the photos-bet they'll be amazing.


R & R Barnett