Bob Laws Appreciation Fund

By Bob Laws

I'm fundraising for the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter

In 2019 I suffered a stroke, I was critically ill. The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter transported me to the Auckland Hospital Stroke Clinic for emergency surgery.

Without the expertise & swift response from this amazing group I would not be here today!

 Three years on today I am celebrating my Birthday, 80 years young.   

The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter service was founded in 1987 and has touched the lives of more than 13,000 patients.

The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter services the Waikato, Coromandel and King Country region in the North Island. Providing a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year.

Providing a fully-fledged air emergency medical service with the employment of our own full-time experienced Critical Care Flight Paramedics (CCFP), Crewmen and Pilots. Our crews offer a diverse range of attributes and experience to our operation. Each member of the team brings a specialist skillset, enhancing the safety and efficiency of rescue missions.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bob Laws


Kevin, Anna-marie And Family X

Happy Birthday Bob! What an amazing 80 years you’ve had. Xx


Bob Laws


Graham Laws


Judy What Se

Happy Birthday Bob


Bruce Walker

Happy birthday champ


Jim And Gail Laws

Happy Birthday was a beautiful day



A very worthy cause. Happy birthday!



Love you Uncle Bob! Xx