Your support saves lives

There’s lots of ways you can get involved and help support the TECT Rescue Helicopter

The TECT Rescue Helicopter is here for everyone in the community, and there are plenty of ways YOU can support your crew and help keep this valuable service going. Your support can save lives.

Fundraise for your
Rescue Helicopter

Fundraising is a great way to help raise money & awareness for your rescue helicopter, while also having fun! The equipment and operational costs for your rescue helicopter can be pretty expensive, and the money raised through fundraising helps make sure your crew and helicopter remain rescue ready and fully equipped for every call.

Now, you can create a fundraising page on our website – making fundraising easier than ever before! Set a date, make a plan, share your page link with your friends and watch your progress!

Whether you’re fundraising at work, in a school or in the community, we’re here to help! Just follow the links below to get started and set up your fundraising page.

Corporate Supporters

We are so appreciative of the support we get from local businesses that want to give back to their community through the TECT Rescue Helicopter.

There are plenty of ways that businesses can get involved with the TECT Rescue Helicopter’s services. From fundraising at work to collaborating on marketing partnerships, there is an option to suit every business! 

If you are looking for ways to get your business involved with the TECT Rescue Helicopter, find out more below

Leave a Bequest

Invest in the future of the TECT Rescue Helicopter. We are here to help you through the process and ensure your legacy can help save lives well into the future.

Become a sponsor

Become a hero today and support your local rescue helicopter. We offer tailored packages for businesses and organisations who wish to sponsor the TECT Rescue Helicopter

Register for TaxGift

Through TaxGift you can donate your tax credits from your charitable donations back to the TECT Rescue Helicopter - this means your initial donations can make even more of an impact. It's as simple as signing up!

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